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Autonomous Haulage

OEM Agnostic Retrofit Automation Kits

AHS enables significant gains in productivity,utilization of availability,and reduction in costs.Automate new or existing fleet assets of any make or model without locking your operation into a single source for vehicles.

Improved Safety,Reduced Damage

Increase safety by removing operators from harms way.Reduce damage by precision control and improved driving characteristics.

Increased Equipment Utilization

Eliminating the need to stop equipment for breaks and shift changes,which increases the utilization of each vehicle.

Increased Productivity

Machine control on vehicles squeezes productivity gains from various sources including more efficient spotting,driving behaviors,and real-time information flows.

Reduced Cost Per Ton

By controlling multiple vehicles in a single control room,and managing vehicle operations in a consistent manner,mine operations can realize a significant reduction in labor,fuel and maintenance costs.

Better Asset Management

Autonomous haulage allows for programmable operation of vehicles within OEM operating parameters.By better tracking and controlling vehicle operations within prescribed limits,asset life can be extended,包括轮胎等领域,brakes,and other components.

Mine Plan Optimization & Mine Design

Regulations imposed for human operations restrict flexibility in mine design.By removing humans from the mine,operators have increased freedom to alter mine designs in areas such as road widths or wall heights which can greatly reduce overburden removal costs.

Mobius Haulage A.I.

The Mobius Haulage A.I.leverages advanced multi-vehicle command and control software to set up and manage a coordinated system of haul trucks and excavators.The Mobius Haulage A.I.keeps all trucks consistently tasked,queues waiting vehicles,and regulates the haul cycle in the most efficient way possible.

As each vehicle completes a task,it receives a new command from the Mobius Haulage A.I.,maintaining an efficient,automated haulage system.

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Scalable Solutions For Mining

ASI systems are designed for modular,yet scalable deployment.ASI recognizes the daunting task of automating all aspects of a surface or underground mines in one step.Yet,a piecemeal approach often introduces risk of deploying independent systems which are unable to integrate later into an overall mine system.

ASI leverages its Mobius mine software to allow highly flexible,modular implementations of individual autonomy solutions,all using a common control platform.With Mobius installed as a foundation,mines can implement individual projects that can then scale into larger integrated solutions with the aim of ultimately realizing a fully autonomous,yet integrated mining operation.

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